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Choosing A Watch Winder For Your Rolex

There are several items a man should aim to own in his lifetime. An extravagant watch ranks high on that wish list. But not just any four-figure timepiece. No. You want a Rolex. The name is synonymous with luxury wristwear and has been worn by the world’s most prolific figures over the past century. And as a brand, it’s earned iconic status over time backed by an invincible dedication to crafts…

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I Let My Girlfriend Pick Out My Wardrobe

I should put it out there that I’m not a bad dresser. At least, I don’t think I am? I will, however, admit that I dressed terribly from birth until, like, five years ago. Seriously, not a day would go by where I wouldn’t drape myself in some kind of godawful, oversized plaid number. Because of this, I’ve learned to seriously tone down my wardrobe and dress in colors that actually don’t make me …

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Five Things To Look For At Baselworld 2017

I offer you my thoughts on what we may see at the upcoming Baselworld watch and jewelry show, on a rather interesting occasion: this is the one-hundredth anniversary of what has become, over the last century, a virtually compulsory exercise in self-promotion for much of the watch and jewelry industry. Certainly the SIHH has its points of interest, but it offers a relative handful of exhibitors …

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Versatile Men's Dress Shirts

From the undergarment to the gentleman’s symbol, the dress shirt as we know it has changed status all while barely changing its appearance. The button­-up shirt has become the standard on every man’s hanger, an inescapable staple worn in American culture for workwear, formal wear and evening wear.

The dress shirt can seem like a statement only grown­-ups adopt, whether it’s by preference or by o…

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Best Casual Blazers For Men

From the first time you threw on that tux at junior prom you knew — there’s something about a good blazer that make you feel that much more put together. Blazers aren’t just for special occasions any more; they’ve become the go-to topper to take you from your cubicle to a club.

A little more formal than a motorcycle jacket but just as cool, the casual blazer is a great addition to your everyday …

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How Should Your Watch Fit?

Today we are going to take a look at a question that nobody should have to ask, and which I certainly should not have to answer, and yet, which seems to be one that occupies the minds of those who are new to watches to a truly odd degree. That question is, “How should my watch fit?”

Hi Watch Snob,

I'll begin to say that I'm a guy with pretty small wrists. I received a watch for my birthday, but i…

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Best Nixon Watches For Men

Nixon watches saw a need, filled it, and then some. Though it emerged from the need for an active and stylish watch that could live in both worlds equally, the brand has become a statement of modern times that’s expressed through an age-old medium. But the brand is practically ubiquitous since its selection of watches — for both men and women — is truly expansive. But you’d be mistaken to jus…

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5 Basic Color Coordination Rules

Does this tie match? What color shirt goes with these pants? These confusing, colorful questions burden every man, everywhere.

Gentlemen, to truly master the art of dressing, we must become learned individuals on the basics of color coordination. And learning to combine colors isn’t as difficult as you might think. A complete understanding of color and the color wheel is a time-consuming lesso…
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Effortless Spring Trends To Adopt

The $tyleJacker is the Robin Hood of the style world. He steals ideas from the fashion elite and brings them to you every week. He’s no stylist, but he loves to flex. He robs unsuspecting celebrities of their best looks and makes sure you can recreate their outfits without spending a fortune or looking ridiculous. This lo-life talks in slang, but don’t mistake his casual tone for a lack of know…

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Automation In Watchmaking

Franck Muller Watches

A friend of mine really likes this watch. I've been reading your stuff for a few years now, and I don't think I've ever heard of this watch maker. Plus 14k seems like a lot for this watch to me. .

Ah, Franck Muller, whose name is seldom uttered in the English speaking watch world. This Franck Muller Conquistador should tell you why. His work is easy to mock: garish, technica…

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