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Top 10: Legacy Watches

Your male progeny will likely be less than thrilled to inherit your overly hairy shoulders and undersized pinky toenail, so it behooves you to offer

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Best Black Watches For Men

The military first used a blacked-out finish on wristwatches commissioned for commandos and other special forces for whom stealth was key to survival in the

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Oscars Menswear 2017

This article originally appeared on AskMen UK. By now you have probably seen what an absolute lunatic event this year’s Oscars were, in the simultaneously

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Top 10: Japanese Watches

If you’ve ever heard the saying that a German car is like a Swiss watch — when it runs perfectly, there’s nothing like it, but

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Best Black Jeans For Men

Once a symbol of the labourer, jeans now transcend the workwear wardrobe. Jeans have become a staple for budget-savvy ballers, the working class, and the elite;

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