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Casual Trends for Menswear in Lubbock Texas Clothing Stores
Best Casual Trends for Menswear in Lubbock Texas Clothing Stores

Casual Trend for Menswear

Casual wear is more comfortable, inexpensive, expressive, and trendy. Every year comes with new designs and trends for men and women. Some designs become timeless, while others enjoy seasonal success. Many releases are also barely recognized. Here’s an overview of the top five casual trends for menswear:

1. From Suits to Casual

Suits offer the classic attire for the workplace among most men. It’s often advisable to wear a suit for your job interview, and many office building environments also call for suits. The past few years have seen a shift from classic suits to business casual wear. More people are choosing lighter designs with casual aesthetics and attributes. Casual menswear is also the popular choice for Fridays and weekends, but it’s fast becoming the ideal solution for the modern employee.

The coronavirus pandemic changed various aspects of the workplace and off-work scene, including what people wear. Face masks became mandatory to prevent spreading the virus. Slippers and activewear also became trendy as more people couldn’t make it to the gym. Other menswear trends influenced by Covid include loungewear and sneakers, slip-on sneakers, and stretch chino pants. These designs offer more comfort and warmth and fall between casual and official.

3. More Branded Cloths

Thousands of menswear are bought online every day because it’s safe and more convenient than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Brands like Horn Legend, Henley, and Mizzen & Main offer extensive casual menswear collections for online ordering. The online shopping experience also improves with technologies like 3D websites and virtual reality. Branded wear also provides the appeal of genuine and authentic products associated with specific companies.

4. Trend with Athleisure

Athleisure is hybrid fabricated wear perfect for athletic and leisure activities. Their comfort and design range make Athleisure a top trend for people with an active lifestyle, but the design suits various settings. You can wear these clothes to work, school or casual and non-casual occasions. Athleisure is also aesthetically appealing and comes in all sizes, designs, and colors, so it’s easier to find the best fit for your needs.

5. Men’s Sports Clothing

Sports clothing is popular among men, and you can find options for any discipline you follow. Men can wear sports clothing on weekends to support their favorite teams or even find premium designs for the workplace. Popular sports like golf have some of the most decent t-shirts you can wear to casual and non-casual settings. Sports jerseys are also readily available for online ordering and fast shipping, making them trendy for menswear.

6. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are classy and look decent at the workplace, on social occasions, and in casual settings. These shirts enjoy year-round demand and offer comfort and elegant aesthetics. Most men fancy wearing a polo shirt because of the apparent difference in quality, comfort, and simplicity. Polo shirts also don’t look out of place in the office, so you can wear them to work.

7. More Comfortable Wear

Comfort is one of the top priorities when choosing clothes. Some men prefer the perfect fit, while others choose slightly oversized fits. It all depends on your preferences, provided the design feels comfortable. Traditional office clothing, such as suits and leather shoes, aren’t as comfortable as casual designs and materials. Today, most customers seek soft, comfortable material and loose fittings or designs with better breathability and elasticity.

8. Slip-On Shoes over Business Shoes

Slip-on shoes offer convenience as you can wear and remove them without bending down to tie/fit them on. Modern shoe designers incorporate business shoe ideas to produce excellent slip-on designs you can wear to work. The shoes come in different designs and materials, so you can easily find a matching fit for your clothing. Slip-on shoes are also comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and suit casual and official settings.

9. Trend Away From Slacks

Slacks are loved for their comfort and versatility in casual, athletic, and some official lounging settings. The attire features a pair of slacks and jacket or shirt with matching material and color. Slacks were once the preferred casual outfit, but their appeal has slowly faded along with suits. Most men have switched to casual and chino business pants made of cotton. They are designed by more casual tailors and offer better comfort.


Business activities are digital and online, and modern employers offer more freedom over what personnel can/can’t wear to work. The Covid situation and other unique workplace settings, such as remote working, have made it easier for men to wear casually. At Signature Stag, you can order the top brands of men’s casual wear, business wear, and collegiate wear. We provide premium quality collections and services for your gentleman closet.