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Billy Jealousy- Golden Gloves Hand Sanitizer


Clear gel with a fresh scent

Kills 99.9% of bacteria
+ Moisturizes and nourishes hands
+ Absorbs quickly
+ No sticky residue


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Billy Jealousy’s Golden Gloves Hand Sanitizer at provides a clear get with fresh scent and formulated to helps protect your hands from germs. Bacteria and Germs are eliminated and your hands are soft and moisturized with this Billy Jealousy Sanitizer. The perfect size to carry with you and treat your hands on the go.

Created with Aloe and Vitamin E with the effectiveness to kills 99.9% of germs. 

Contains Ethanol SDA 40B 200 PF 62% (Antiseptic)


Golden Gloves Hand Sanitizer 2oz


Billy Jealousy's Golden Gloves Hand Sanitizer at


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