College Tumblers for Texas Tech Red Raiders


Best Nato Watch Straps

The active man and the stylish man are both served well with the implementation of Nato and Zulu straps, whose origin comes from military horological applications. Meant to provide quick-drying, resilient and easy-to-maintain qualities to watch straps, their use has spanned decades to become an integral aspect of the watch world today, used for inexpensive …

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Best Watch Cases

For the modern gentleman, a watch isn’t just a time-telling instrument used to accessorize one’s wardrobe.  It’s a status symbol. A trophy piece so to speak. So with every expensive piece of jewelry comes the need for a storage box. In this case, it’s a watch case that preserves the quality and value of your …

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Models

Choosing between LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin Dear Snob, I recently found new employment that affords me ample opportunity for travel. To commemorate the occasion I have decided to purchase a watch that will travel well. I quickly dismissed GMT watches because the arithmetic involved is better left to those with better mental acuity than myself. …

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